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Costa Rica

The southern zone of Costa Rica has been claimed by many to be the most beautiful spot on the planet. With unspoiled primary rain forest in Central America, its deep, sweet gulf teeming with abundant aquatic life, scenic cascading rivers and waterfalls, the highest peak in southern Central America, and one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the entire world, this often overlooked region on the country is a treasure of experiences for both the eco-tourist and adventure traveler alike.

Over 60% of the land is covered by rain forest, and this region is home to the largest concentrations of indigenous peoples in the country. In this area you will find four national parks and a national reserve, plus dozens of private reserves and wildlife refuges. Situated between the Talamanca Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean, and stretching from San Isidro and Dominical in the north to Punta Burica and San Vito in the south, it covers a vast array of complex tropical ecosystems from lowland wet forests and mangrove swamps to ridge top cloud forest and rocky highlands.

It's all here and always ready for you to enjoy. Remington Real Estate can offer you residential lots from 1.25 acres and up. All are located in the South Central Highlands with water and electricity. Each property has its own unique views of the lush mountainous terrain, near government protected ecological reserves. This is a rare opportunity to have a home site in Central America's most beautiful and friendly country! Our properties are located in Santiago Springs and Monte Verde.