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Les Remington

Les was born and raised in this area. The Remington Ranch was established in 1890. In 2005 Les opened the real estate operation after closing out the family oil and gas business. He is well suited for this endeavor, spending his entire life in the ranching, oil & gas, and real estate business. Les has been politically involved in local government and knows people and the properties. Being a cattle rancher and oil man, he knows engineering/geology and livestock & ranching requirements and potential.


Dionna Carr

I believe that a first time home buyer, as well as every home buyer, needs to know as much as possible about the physical condition of their potential home.  Upkeep and maintenance are an essential part of life on a daily basis.  Every house has a story and every buyer needs to know all of the little things that make it unique and make it a home.

I believe that a first time seller needs to understand his/her responsibility to everyone involved. I strongly suggest buyers and sellers take advantage of our education and expertise so they can go on with their daily lives without all the stress of handling buyer and contracts on their own.

Everything about real estate intrigues me. I love the organized and intricate way properties change hands. When a house first hits the market in town I'm curious about the price and I watch it progress and how it finally finds a family. With contractors in the family I have a passion of how a home is built and how a family comes together under that structure.

I am very anxious to find the perfect home for you.